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This Is Where It Hurts

My ankle hurts this morning. It started last night. It's not the kind of a pain from a twist. Or even over exertion. This is different. It's a deeper sort of pain. Just under the ankle bone. On the outer side of the foot. I am sure it's something I ate. There are really only a couple of things that would cause it for me. Grains, butter or shrimp. I know about shrimp and gout. But this started before I had any shrimp. Which is when I had the butter So I'm going to go with the grains, I had about 10 crackers. They are pretty big. I've had a couple of crackers a day for the last few days. They are pretty big crackers. 
I was pain free again until I had them. So, I'll cut them out and see how long it takes to go away. 

I would never have believed that something that simple could do this. But I've been very concious of dairy, grains, and sugar for about 5 months now. I've been surprised by how they influence me both physically and mentally. 

Peace, Love and Und…