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Area 51 - My Feet Are Killin' Me

Area 51 My Feet Are Killin Me! 

My feet are killing me. To be more specific, it’s my ankles. And it’s not because of over exercise, twisting, or a break. It’s my new shoes.

I haven’t worn ‘regular shoes’ in a long time. At least for a whole day. Sure I wore them to church, funerals, and weddings. But that’s about it. I’ve been wearing nothing but tennis shoes, shorts and a t-shirt for years. In fact, three months ago I decided that would be my lifetime attire. And I would even narrow it down to black and white. Black or white t-shirts. Black or white shorts, socks and shoes. And of course, black and white underwear to match.
But since I’ve now dropped over 26 pounds total, I changed my mind. I’m wearing dress pants and shirts again. It feels pretty good too. The people renting spaces next to mine have noticed. They sort of ‘giggle’. Until I tell them that “THIS is the REAL me.” And it is. Historically. I’ve run a retail chain of 128 stores, was ISO for the State DOE, and GM of Auto Dealerships. The clothes I’m pulling out are old. But they are nice. Armani, Pierre, and Calvin were my running mates. Clothes hold up over time. But shoes…
And that’s why my feet and ankles hurt. I just bought a pair of dress shoes. Cheap ones. French Shriners ain’t what they used to be. I guess it’s time to pull out the Moreschi, Bally’s and Gucci’s

My timer went off. I gotta run.
Peace, love and understanding.
I’ll see ya’ll down the road.
 Affirmative Quote: As my self confidence rises, so does my health.


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